San Diego Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense AttorneyGetting served with a debt collection lawsuit is a stressful life event. And if you have ever held a credit card in your wallet, the chances of it happening are shockingly high. A San Diego Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorney can help.

95% of San Diego County consumers will ignore the Summons for a debt collection lawsuit. This will usually cause the case to proceed to a default judgment. But this is a mistake.

Sometimes, debt collection defense is not a viable option. Other times, bankruptcy is the logical way to respond. But more often than not, it makes sense for consumers to prepare a defense to a debt collection lawsuit. 

Consult with a San Diego Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorney

The first step is the easiest. Get some feedback from a local San Diego Debt Collection Lawsuit Defense Attorney. At The Jake A. Walton Law Firm, we are happy to go over your case with you even if we do not end up representing you. The main purpose of the evaluation is so that we can understand your case and determine whether legal representation is helpful. But as part of this process, you will get valuable information about debt collection lawsuit defense strategies that they did not have before.

Make sure to avoid some of the common mistakes that occur at this stage of the case. In particular, avoid involvement with organizations that solicit through the mail and refuse to put you in touch with an actual San Diego attorney.

Do not Try to Settle Until You Have Done a Consult

The financial entities and law firms that file debt collection lawsuits in San Diego are good at what they do. A significant part of their strategy in filing the lawsuit is to pressure the consumer into a settlement immediately after the lawsuit is filed. Don’t make the mistake of trying to work out a settlement when your leverage to work out a deal is at its absolute lowest. It is not necessarily a poor decision to settle without preparing a defense of the case, but you need to arm yourself with information first.

If Bankruptcy is Not an Option, Defend Your Case

The Jake A. Walton Law Firm believes that every case is different and that every client has their own unique circumstances. Every case that we take gets its own individualized approach. A big part of debt collection lawsuit defense process involves not making the common mistakes that doom consumers who represent themselves in pro per without help. But an equal big part of the process involves formulating a plan that will put the consumer in the absolute best position to win their debt collection lawsuit.

When we take all of the proper steps, The Jake A. Walton Law Firm can achieve excellent results for San Diego County consumers facing debt collection lawsuits.

If you are facing a debt collection lawsuit and need help, do not hesitate to contact The Jake A. Walton Law Firm. We are focused on handling these types of cases, and are happy to speak with you.