San Diego Debt Collection Harassment AttorneyDebt collection is a fact of life. People fall behind on their bills and creditors need to have ways to recover their losses. They have every right to turn to agencies that specialize in debt collection. But debtors have rights too. When a creditor or a debt collector oversteps their bounds in the collections process and engages in harassment or other unfair and deceptive conduct, a San Diego Debt Collection Harassment Attorney can do an enormous amount of good.

Debt collection harassment takes many forms

In the public mind, debt collection harassment occurs during heated telephone calls with angry and abusive collectors. But this perception does not square with the realities of the modern world. In the modern world of automation and outsourcing, debt collection harassment occurs when the financial system places its own needs for efficiency and results above the rights of debtors to be treated with dignity and respect.

Debt collection harassment occurs when you have to pay more than you owe

In many instances it is appropriate for debt collectors to add on various fees so that a creditor can recoup their collections costs. But at the same time, a default should not be a windfall for a debt collector and the creditor. No debtor should be forced to pay more than they actually owe.

Debt collection harassment happens when a debt collector goes after the wrong person

There are many types of instances when a person who is pursued for a debt is not actually indebted. One example is identity theft, where a persons identify is stolen to obtain credit, but the victim is not the real debtor. Another example is when there is a legal defense to the creditor’s claim, such as the statute of limitations. Without a valid legal basis for the claim, there can be no indebtedness and no debtor.

When collectors do not respect your rights, a San Diego Debt Collection Harassment Attorney can help

If you are facing a situation where a debt collector is not honoring your right to be treated with dignity and respect during the debt collection process, contact The Jake A. Walton Law Firm. We are focused on handing these type of issues and would be happy to speak with you.