San Diego Credit Card Lawsuit Defense AttorneyHeavy reliance on credit is a fact of life in the United States. San Diego County is no exception. Sometimes in life, unforeseen circumstances emerge. When bankruptcy is not the best option, it often makes sense to defend a credit card collections case. A San Diego credit card lawsuit defense attorney can be the difference between a judgment for the full amount and a debt that is wiped out entirely.

How Do Credit Card Lawsuits Occur?

Credit card debt has been a problem for decades now. And many San Diego County residents are forced to resort to credit because of job loss or to cope with the high cost of living. The unfortunate reality is that when people become delinquent on their credit cards, lenders will typically respond by filing collection lawsuits. This is true even when they have not determined if the cardholder has the ability to pay the debt in the first place.

Sometimes these debts are very old. Also, a credit card company may not have contacted the cardholder about an outstanding balance until the pre-litigation demand letter or even the lawsuit. Another major problem is that there is often poor documentation of what the balance was after payments during the collections process, or even full payments in some cases.

In a situation where there is a major problem with the documentation or even where the debt has been sold to a debt buyer, retaining a San Diego credit card lawsuit defense attorney is often a viable option.

A San Diego Credit Card Lawsuit Defense Attorney can defend your case

Knowledge of court procedure, the Evidence Code, and recent California cases clarifying the legal standards for trials in credit card collections lawsuits can be the difference between winning your case and facing a court judgment. The Jake A. Walton Law Firm can help you research if your credit card lawsuit is valid and if your consumer rights have been violated.

If you are a San Diego consumer that is facing a credit card lawsuit, do not hesitate to contact The Jake A. Walton Law Firm. We are happy to speak with you.