San Diego Consumer Protection AttorneyThe Jake A. Walton Law Firm is focused on handling legal issues in which regular working people are pitted against well-funded and powerful players like corporations and other special interests. In many cases, there are laws in effect which are intended to equal the playing field between the consumer and a powerful. But in other types of cases, a massive inequality of bargaining power exists which has not yet been identified by the legislature. In these types of cases, a San Diego Consumer Protection Attorney can be enormously helpful and get amazing results.

Debt Collection Lawsuits and Credit Card Lawsuits

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, thousands of hard-working San Diego residents were forced into default on credit card debt due to the downturn in the economy. In response, the debt collection industry created a lawsuit machine, flooding the courts with debt collection lawsuits and default judgments. A San Diego Consumer Protection Attorney can help defend these lawsuits and also help with issues like bank levies and default judgments.

Identity Theft Lawsuits

Many times a Defendant in a credit card collections case is the victim of identity theft. There is a special process that is intended to provide protection for victims of identity theft. In complex situations or where a debt collector refuses to recognize a claim of identity theft, a San Diego Consumer Protection Attorney can help.

Student Loan Lawsuits

In a knowledge-based economy, a college education functions as the same pre-requisite for meaningful participation in the labor force that a high school diploma was fifty years ago. But over the last fifty years, the cost of a college education has increased beyond the rate of inflation, putting it out of reach for most without student loans.

Though loans permit the acquisition of an education, they come with a high price tag. The interest rates on the loans are not particularly favorable for borrowers, and the normal protections in place for debtors, particularly bankruptcy, are non-existent for the student loan debtor. In cases of federally-backed student loans, the logical solution is to work within a government program to get repayment in place. But for cases of private student loans which will result in litigation, a San Diego Consumer Protection Attorney can provide valuable assistance.

Anytime you are in an unfair bargaining position with a powerful entity, a San Diego Consumer Protection Attorney can help

There are many of other types of situations where a San Diego Consumer Protection Attorney can help, too. Feel free to contact The Jake A. Walton Law Firm – we are happy to go over your situation with you.