Jefferson Capital Systems is a prolific debt buyer and lawsuit filer in San Diego Superior Court. Read below to learn more about the company’s activities in San Diego and what consumers can do to respond to a Jefferson Capital Systems lawsuit.

While other major players in the debt buyer came have scaled back their activities in recent years, Jefferson Capital Systems has ramped up, in a big way. In 2015, the second full year of the Fair Debt Buying Practices Act, Jefferson Capital filed just 29 collections cases in San Diego Superior Court. In 2016, Jefferson Capital followed-up with 133 debt buyer cases. However, as of the date of this post (July 19, 2017), Jefferson Capital has filed 116 debt buyer cases in San Diego Superior Court, nearly matching their 2016 numbers, even though it is only halfway through 2017.

One of the challenges when it comes to addressing a Jefferson Capital Systems case is that the amounts in dispute are often very small, consisting of principal demands of $2,000.00 or less. Though this is a good thing in the abstract, it makes it a huge challenge to work out a settlement with Jefferson Capital Systems for less than the full amount owed. With such small amounts in dispute, it is also difficult to arrange for a cost-effective defense of the lawsuit.

One way that consumers can turn the tables on Jefferson Capital Systems is by seeking recourse under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, the Fair Debt Buying Practices Act, and the Fair Consumer Reporting Act, where applicable. It always makes sense to consult with a lawyer at the time of service of the lawsuit to determine whether any claims exist under these statutes; if so, it is possible to jointly defend the lawsuit and pursue the claims on terms that are very favorable to the consumer/defendant.

If you have been served with a Jefferson Capital Systems lawsuit in San Diego County, don’t hesitate to contact The Jake A. Walton Law Firm – we would be happy to speak with you.